11.13.18 6:30pm Show Booklet added to the PROGRAMS section.

11.06.18 3:00pm Updated EVENTS listing with corrected room names.

11.02.18 9:00pm Updated EVENTS listing & Cachet for 2018.

10.29.18 7:00pm Updated Dealer Booth & Name lists and Material list.

10.11.18 1:00pm Updated Events & Workshops section.

10.06.18 6:20pm Posted exhibit titles and cachet image.

09.22.18 4:10pm Exhibit frame space for 2018 is totally sold out.

09.14.18 9:00pm Updated Exhibit Frame count; only 5 frames left, can only use 1 & 2 frame exhibits.

09.13.18 4:30pm Updated Exhibit Frame count; expanded total frames available by 20.

09.12.18 6:55pm Updated Exhibit Frame count; just about sold out!

09.08.18 6:45pm Updated Exhibit Frame count; fast approaching an early sellout.

09.07.18 10:45pm Updated Exhibit Frame count.

08.31.18 6:45pm Updated Exhibit Frame count; more than 2/3 sold out.

08.29.18 6:30pm Updated Exhibit Frame count.

08.27.18 7:15pm Updated Exhibit Frame count.

08.24.18 6:00pm Updated Exhibit Frame count, more than 1/2 sold out.

08.23.18 7:30pm Updated venue pictures and added NORDICA representing postal administrations.

08.17.18 6:30pm Updated Exhibit Frame count (1/2 sold out) and added lower cost hotel option.

08.05.18 4:15pm Updated Exhibit Frame count (approaching 1/2 sold out).

08.03.18 5:45pm Updated Exhibit Frame count.

07.31.18 7:30pm Updated HOTEL information.

07.29.18 8:10pm Updated CACHETS and Prelim-dealer list.

07.18.18 7:10pm Updated EVENTS Section, and Exhibit Frame count.

06.24.18 6:00pm Preliminary Dealer list posted in the DEALER section.

06.22.18 8:00pm Venue change to Osceola Heritage park in Kissimmee.

03.22.18 7:30pm 2018 information updated, Exhibiting.

03.21.18 7:55pm Society information updated for 2018.

12.24.17 3:45pm Cachets section updated with image of all three covers.

12.04.17 9:00am Post show updates started. Palmares uploaded to EXHIBITS section.